Best Treatment for Melasma in San Jose

Melasma is a very common skin ailment that affects nearly 6 million women in the US. In this condition, the patient has gray or gray-brown patches on the face, neck, forearms and all those parts of the body that are exposed to the sun. Women who are pregnant, or taking contraceptives, or placed on a hormone replacement therapy - are more prone to the condition. Till date, melasma has no permanent cure.

Types of Melasma

  • Depending on the location: Forehead, cheeks, nose and chin (centrofacial), cheeks and cheek bone (malar), on the jawline (mandibular)
  • Depending on cellular pattern: Epidermal (on the outer skin), dermal (on the inner skin), both, and inapparent (as seen in dark-skinned people)
  • Depending on severity: Some patients suffer from recalcitrant melasma which is hard to control, and where no topical applications will help

How we Treat Melasma

Older forms of laser therapy used for treating melasma show side effects such as PIH or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, in patients with dark skin.

At Rani MD, we use the latest and most advanced laser technologies that are a lot more effective in treating melasma. After 8 to 10 sessions of this non-surgical procedure, patients show a 75-80% improvement in their condition.

General note: Results vary from person to person.

Botox for Melasma Treatment